About Us

about us

Welcome to snazzyhunt.com!
With the change of time, technology, living culture & the growing needs for online shopping platforms that arises due to pandemic, technological evolutions and Digital India Mission, the Indian Fabric industries too are committed to meet the challenges in fulfilling the diverse Apparel and Clothing needs based on the customer’s satisfaction. With a visionary mission to further strengthen the bonding between the manufacturers and the users, keeping in view the up spike of online shopping trends, during and post pandemic period, the vital importance of supply chain management to cater the growing needs, the women’s exclusive online shopping platform www.snazzyhunt.com is emanated.
The sole purpose of launching this e market place is to revive the ancestral old offline dormant Clothing and Apparel store with a prime visionary mission to strengthen` and expand further, for the social cause of achieving Sustainable Development Goal- 2 i.e. Zero Hunger in our society as perceived by the founder during COVID-19 pandemic. We believe that we together can definitely visualize it by our persistent hard work, and by support and blessings of our esteemed beneficiaries towards enhancing our charitable contributions, apart from we, facilitating the empowered women of our society with the ease of living in terms of providing them with the best quality Apparel and clothing at genuine and affordable prices at their door step.

The project www.snazzyhunt.com is founded by Air Veteran Brijesh Kumar Gupta who dedicated his 23 years of young life towards serving the nation’s mighty Aerospace power, The “Indian Air Force”. This store is dedicated to his father “Late Shri Mahesh Chand Gupta” a renowned and generous clothing businessman of the time who contributed significantly in upliftment of the weaker section of the society by supporting them with various means and with this philosophical vision, we aspires to strive hard to lead, flourish and accomplish our visionary mission.
We are sourcing quality products directly from the manufacturers/ bulk wholesale suppliers based in Surat, Ahemdabad, Indore, Mumbai, Kolkata, Banaras and other popular textile zones of our country after ascertaining thoroughly the quality standards and reviewing pricing policy for the major benefits and interests of our Indian customers. Presently, we provide our customers with an array of modern and customs women’s exclusive ethnic wears best collections i.e. Sarees, kurtis/ Suits, Tops/ T- Shirts and Party Wear other Dresses also, at best quality standards with customers satisfaction. We hope to expand the categories further by enlarging the inventory with our beloved customer’s continue support and patronage!

about us

Our Mission

We are, and will continue to be committed to our customers, our community and each other. We recognize that customer satisfaction is the sole purpose of our business, so we offer a unique mix of exceptional quality Apparel and clothing and value in warm and engaging environment.
Additionally, we aspire proudly to support our community massively through charitable involvements. We at Snazzyhunt, hereby do commit to contribute 5% of the total generated revenue annually towards fulfilment of the Sustainable Development Goal- 2 i.e. Zero Hunger in our society without any compromise with our services.

Happy Shopping, Continue Towards Nation Building.
Jai Hind!